We believe in giving credit where it’s due. When one takes on an overwhelming new project, it’s always best to get help from the experts. That’s exactly what we did. We were lucky enough to find a couple of individuals who are simply the best at what they do. Further, they were willing and able to help us make Jai Jus a reality.

Photo of Chef Miguel Bautista

Chef Miguel Bautista

Chef Miguel Bautista is not only a culinary expert but also a visionary in vegan cuisine. His extensive experience, spanning over a quarter of a century, is evident in every dish he creates. At the luxurious Xcaret resort, Chef Miguel continues to innovate, blending traditional flavors with modern techniques to delight diners from around the world. His work with Jai Jus has set a new standard for vegan fare, making every meal not just a dish, but a journey of flavors.

Photo of Andrew McFarlane

Andrew McFarlane

Andrew McFarlane, with his profound experience from operating a successful juice bar in Los Angeles, has transformed the juice bar landscape globally. His company, Start A Juice Bar, has been pivotal in establishing Jai Jus as a leader in the industry. From the unique brand presence to the mouth-watering menu, Andrew’s guidance has been invaluable. His commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering success is unmatched, making him a true maestro of the juice bar business.

Photo of René Bautista

René Bautista

René Bautista's near three-decade tenure in the restaurant industry has been marked by his dedication to service and a relentless pursuit of excellence. His expertise in brand development and operational processes has helped in sculpting robust businesses. René's philosophy of combining excellent products with exceptional people in a stimulating environment has been a formula for success. His focus on people development through mentoring continues to inspire and elevate the restaurant community.